Demonstration of Responsibility #4:

Understands how to capitalize on the capacities and abilities of each learner (e.g., product or project which accommodates the special social, intellectual, cultural, environmental, and institutional aspects of the learners and their learning situation)

Artifact 4: Multimedia Final Projects


Students come to school with a wide variety of skill and experiences.† One great challenge for the teacher is to make learning relevant, purposeful, and accessible to a diverse group of students.


To help accommodate this situation of diverse needs, I designed the final multimedia project with flexibility to address:†

  • students with special needs,
  • students with special cultural interests, and
  • the integration of academic content into a technology course.

Students are guided through a complex process creating an advanced professional education multimedia project.† Each student partners with an academic teacher focusing on an academic subject.† Students have the flexibility within the content area to narrow the subject to an area of their interest.† Several past projects include: Curanderos/as (Rural Mexican doctors), Utopian Societies focusing of Mormonism, The Linux Operating System, and the 60ís.† (See Figure 1.)† My focus is that students learn the application of different components of technology.† The content that drives the design is up to them.† I allow extra time, help, and whatever each student needs to promote their learning.

(Figure 1:† Sample screens from past multimedia projects.† See additional sample screens.)


By creating a flexible learning format that lets students guide their own learning, students feel satisfaction, stimulation, and fun rather than boredom.† Students create very hands-on projects that are multi-modal.† This format supports all learning style preferences at some level.


The final project concept where students partner with an academic teacher on an academic subject has been very successful.

  1. Students become engaged learners,
  2. students reach new levels of breadth and depth of knowledge through experiential context of multimedia, and
  3. students are inspired with great success to enter competitions that combines technology with historical and social issue content.


At first, students would like to have more flexibility when choosing project titles.† I try and focus students to a deeper topic, integrating core academic subjects.† Students would like to create a biography on Puff Daddy or Nike Shoes.† Instead, students might be encouraged to create a project on the chemical compounds of the rubber in Nike Shoes or the social impact rap has on certain communities.† Students soon find satisfaction learning about a certain subject in detail if it relates to something they enjoy.

Flexibility is also a key factor in supporting students with special needs.† Good communication between the student, parents, and special education teachers help me know how to help each student.† I am happy to extend due dates, set up project partners, and modify plans if needed.† With these components in place, any student can succeed.