Demonstration of Responsibility #1:

Continued improvement of professional practice that requires critical inquiry, professional development, and reflective practice (e.g., membership in professional organization, project report on a professional presentation, literature review or critique, collection evaluation.)

Artifact 1: Current Trends and Issues Web Database


Many teachers, students, and training professionals do not have the time to keep up with current trends and issues related to instructional technology literature.


One task given to the Trends and Issues (IT6750) graduate class was to create a knowledge base to establish a database framework for understanding issues within Instructional Learning Technologies.† Our result was a web site tracking these issues.† Each problem paper outlines a Problem as it relates to ILT practice and a Solution to the stated problem.† Authors also include a Bibliography and/or Webliography.


The web interface has several advantages over more traditional formats.† It allows the information to be available to anyone from any location.† Graduate students, K-12 teachers, and corporate professionals could use this database as a continuing resource to stay current in their field.† The web interface also facilitates easy cross-referencing.† Hyperlinks permit convenient inclusion of additional reference materials.


A copy of the resultant web site is located at:

This site outlines eight current trends impacting the use of learning technologies in schools and other settings.† It also categorizes 24 problems papers as created by IT 6750 students.†

Problem categories include:



Distance Education
Special Needs
Problem Solving
Social Interaction/Professional
Job Search
Wireless Technology
Online Learning
Technology Integration
Internet Evaluation
  Online Copyrights
Narrowing the Knowledge Gap
Evaluating Dot Comís
Web Outcomes
Structuring Classes for

Future classes may want to explore a File Maker Pro database with a web interface or creating a different design incorporating more categories.† I contributed the web design and creation, as well as three of the problem papers.


Professionalsí and studentsí access to information about IT Trends has been limited by traditional methods of information maintenance.† A web site adds convenience, reduces time, and broadens the search options.† This is just an initial web site that can be used, developed, and improved through future IT classes.† It is my hope that the IT program at UCD should and can be a leader in distributing IT information and helping teachers and graduates stay current in an ever changing field.† This database is just one component of a technology resource web site where technology oriented individuals (teachers, professors, graduates, corporate trainers) can stay in touch with the program and gain much needed resources.†