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Performance Based Principal Licensure Standards. The following shall serve as standards to guide the development of the content of principle and administrator professional education programs offered by institutions of higher education and as a standard for the ongoing professional development of these educators.

6.01 Standard One: Foundation For Leadership. The principal shall behave ethically and be knowledgeable about hot to create an environment that encourages and develops responsibility, ethics, and citizenship, in self and others, and set the direction for a school community committed to and focused on learning.
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6.02 Standard Two: Contextual Understanding. The principal shall acknowledge, and address in planning, the internal and external factors affecting the school and the learning process.
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6.03 Standard Three: Planning And Organization. The principal is knowledgeable about the elements of planning; plan implementation; and organizational, change, and time management. Reflective Essay Three | pdf version

6.04 Standard Four: Content Knowledge Instruction. The principal is knowledgeable about all requisite Colorado Model Content Standards and knows and is able to demonstrate effective instructional and assessment methodologies and strategies.
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6.05 Standard Five: Individualization of Instruction. The principal is knowledgeable about instruction, especially as related to the Colorado Model Content Standards and closing the achievement gap.
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6.06 Standard Six: Management And Evaluation of Instruction. The principal is knowledgeable about the appraisal of instructors, as related to student learning.
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6.07 Standard Seven: Supervision of Personnel. The principal is knowledgeable about national state, and local district personnel policies.
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6.08 Standard Eight: Supervision of Student Conduct. The principal is knowledgeable about the design of a positive learning environment focused on student achievement and characterized by appropriate and acceptable standards of student conduct and effective behavior management strategies.
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6.09 Standard Nine: Resources. A principal is knowledgeable about the principles and practices for the fiscal management of schools or school districts. A principal should be and ethical business manages, responsible for the fiscal health of the school and entrepreneurial about non-state revenue sources to provide enhancements to the instructional process.
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6.10 Standard Ten: School Site Safety and Maintenance. The principal shall be knowledgeable about how to assure a safe learning environment in a secure, well-maintained facility.
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6.11 Standard Eleven: Parent and Community Involvement. The principal shall be knowledgeable about effective communication, decision-making, and interpersonal problem-solving and conflict-resolution strategies.
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