Peter Griffin Portfolio
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Professional Development Plan

Ongoing professional development is important for maintaining expertise as an administrator. I have given careful consideration to how I will focus my learning time for the next several years. My personal development will focus deepening my understanding of:

  • student achievement,
  • integration of technology into the education process,
  • urban reform related to educational excellence,
  • and data analysis and application.

Granted, these areas of focus warrant full time study in themselves. However, I believe that they each play an important role in today’s schools.

Part of my efforts to expand my knowledge and application of these areas is to expand my awareness of resources useful for staff development and practical use. I think of it as a kind of ‘professional arsenal.’ The right equipment and tools make a difference in successful leadership. I intend to continue to be active and focused as a learner so that my leadership skills remain strong.

Once my leadership licensure program is officially complete, I would like to consider leadership positions in the areas of assistant principal, vocational director, magnet director, technology specialist or other areas where I can make a difference in student’s lives.