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  Computer Science 1
   CH2B Test  
 Business Management
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Resource Article/Website Links
  Management Theories
    Value Based
    Juggling Too Many Tasks Could Make You Stupid, By Sue Shellenbarger (The Wall Street Journal Online)
    Why Multitasking Doesn't Work, By Jared Sandberg (The Wall Street Journal Online)
    2006 Best Careers: The Results Are In, By editors (The Wall Street Journal Online)
  Learning Styles
    Learning Style and Self-Assessment Tests (Multiple tests linked at Learning Styles Test
    Learning Style Survey (Diablo Valley College)
    Learning Styles Inventory (
    Learning Styles Questionnaire (North Carolina State University)
  Career Tests
    Quest Career Test
    The (Multiple Career Tests Linked)
    Financial Strategies for Your Future (Jonathan Clements)

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