This site is used to help individuals who are interested in Finding out what we here at CCC do. We have past examples of work that we have done for other peoples businesses, we have in depth information that includes what we do to all aspects of the resturant such as the kitchen, front, and office in the resturant. We also have a contact page which we used to help you stay in contact with us here at CCC to help you with any questions you may have. At the bottom of the page is more contact information such as address and and telephone numbers Thank you for choosing CCC we appreciate you service.

At CCC, we are a professional team of 20 talented and diverse individuals who have been working together for at least five years and many relationships span over 10 years. Our combined experience encompasses both the front and the back of the house and includes luxury hotel food and beverage, independent restaurants, motivational speaking and several on our team are fluent in Spanish. We are truly one of the best teams in the restaurant consulting business.

Whether you have a start up restaurant or you are fixing up an existing restaurant we have a long record of successes. We have started five thriving restaurants from the ground up and have turned three existing restaurants from financial disaster to profitability.

Our goal is to work one on one with you, the client. We offer a proven method to pinpoint your needs and then customize a plan of action to deliver the results you need. So, whether you are developing a project or have a brilliant idea, we can help you make it a reality. Alternately, if you simply need some help fixing a problem, we will give you a hand getting things back on track.

No matter what your needs are, with our diverse background we will find a solution.

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