Griffin | Web Design 2
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Web Design 2

Chapter 9

State Standards
  • WD 2.2 Content Standard:
    Students use commercial Web design software
    Dreamweaver) to create attractive Web pages.
Chapter Objectives
  • Discuss how to integrate JavaScript and HTML
  • Insert <script> tags on a Web page
  • Define and describe JavaScript variables
  • Extract the current system date
  • Calculate the number of days from the current date to a future date
  • Describe the write() method of the document object
  • Write a dynamic message to a Web page
  • Write a user-defined function that changes the color of the browser’s scroll bar
  • Construct a URL from a select list option choice
  • Use the document’s location property to link to a new Web page
  • Use the lastModified property to display the last modified document date
  • Save the HTML file and test the Web page
  • Print an HTML file
1. HTML Project 9 Assignment
Duration: 1 Period
  Read/Skim Chapter 9 p. 409 - 439

Print, staple, and complete the Chapter 9 Questions.

Chapter 9 Questions

1. Questions

 ___ 20 points

 ___ 20 points


Lecture CH9 /CH9 PowerPoint

  • Intro (410)
  • Project 9 (415)
  • Inserting <script> tags in HTML code (417)
  • JavaScript Variables (418)
  • Extracting the Current Date (420)
  • Calculating the Number of Days to a Future Event (423)
  • Completing the JavaScript Section (433)
  • Displaying the Last Modified Document Date (432)
  • Calling JavaScript Functions Using Event Handlers (435)
3. HTML Assignment
Duration: 2 Periods
p. 415

Complete the assignment beginning on Page 415. Student data files (zipped)

Nick Burns - Your Company's Computer Guy

  1. Type your Name <BR />, Period <BR />, Date <BR /> at the end of chapter9-1solution.html.
  2. Change the dates to current year.
  3. Change all fonts to: font-family:font-family:Calibri, Arial, sans-serif.
  4. Change all fonts on all other pages to: font-family:font-family:Calibri, Arial, sans-serif.
  5. Change spacing to the sample below.
  6. Print screen the web page and the code and hand into the instructor. (Print in landscape.)


Internet Explorer 7 and above requires the styles to be set for the <html> element instead of the <body> element. The parentNode property is the easiest way to navigate up the DOM tree with JS.

Oakwood Elementary School Sample

    1. Print screen  
    2. Code  
     ___ 10 points


HTML Apply Your Knowledge Assignment
Duration: 1 Period

p. 406

Editing a Web Page

  1. Open apply9-1.htm. Complete the Web page outlined on page 406. Save as Apply9-1solution.html.

  2. Change the dates to current year.

  3. Make sure to type your name, Period, and date at the end of of the page. Print screen the page and code for Apply9-1solution.html.


1. Print screen of Apply9-1solution.html  
2. Code for Apply9-1solution.html  
 ___ 10 points

9. Optional – Complete the Online Practice Test, Study Guide  
10. CH9 Quiz  

Additional Resources

A. Online Textbook Resource