Griffin | Web Design 2
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Web Design 2

Flash 6
Putting it all Together

State Standards
  • WD 3.1 Content Standard: Students demonstrate the principles of good design and graphics utilizing commercial based software. (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash) (H.9.1)
Chapter Objectives
  • Create a Flash animation of your own design.
1. Flash 1A Assignment
Duration: moments
  1. Within your last name folder create a NEW folder called "FLASH6". Save all future Flash 6 assignments in this folder. Remember, no spaces or extra periods in filenames.
2. Create Your Own Animation
Duration: 3 Periods

Create a Flash animation of your own design.

  1. Don't forget to check the grading below to make sure you have the required elements.
  2. Also ensure to adhere to FHS decency standards. (i.e. Animations should avoid use of bears, ketchup, salsa, tabasco, or other red colored food items.)


Super amazing example  
1. Motion Tween
2. Shape Tween  
3. vector shapes
4. action script / button
5. name, date
 ___ 20 points 

2. Final Exam Prep
Duration: 2 Periods

Create a Flash animation that matches the final exam.

  1. Check out the final exam.
  2. Open the tutorial and create images that match.

1. at least 8 pictures
2. appropriate sizes  
3. loops
5. name, date
 ___ 10 points 



Additional Resources

A. Online Textbook Resource