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Web Design
Final Project

1. Proposal 2 Design Document 3 Code, Code, Code 4 Review & Rework 5 Presentation
1. Final Project Proposal

Duration: 1 Period

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your final project for Web Design 1 is a very big deal. If you do well on the project your efforts will be reflected on your final grade. Conversely, if you do not put in the effort you should, your final grade will reflect this lack of effort as well. Make sure you stay focused on such an important project!

Write a professional project proposal using the pdf rubric. Staple this rubric to your project proposal and hand in. All components listed must be completed before the proposal will be graded. Review and check each proposal element to ensure completeness. Also see the Proposal Sample 1 (3 Mg) and project Proposal Sample 2 (3 Mg).

1. Your project must relate to FHS and be instructional in some way. Check with them first to see what THEY would like you to do. Provide as much detail as possible.

Anyone should be able to read this proposal and have a very good understanding of what it will and will not cover. I expect enough detail that a non-techie could read the proposal and be able to accurately restate the details. ("Your grandma should be able to explain it to me.") Do not create a web site that will need to be updated weekly. (I.e. assignments.) I suggest creating an on-line study guide for part of the class. Your project should include at least 4 screens.

2. One task that will help in the development is to provide print screens from current professional sites that include components of what you would like to complete. Please keep it SIMPLE (i.e. something you know how to do.)

3. Have another student review the proposal and initial. (If you initial work that has mistakes, YOU may loose points.)

4. Have the instructor (me) review the memo and initial.

5. Then have the sponsor (must be FHS Faculty or staff*) review the proposal and sign.
* Some exceptions may apply.

2. Design Doc,
Flowchart, & Sample Screens

Duration: 1 Period

Create the Design Document Memo using the pdf rubric. Please see the Design Sample 1 (503k - The example does not include the design analysis and print screen.) and Design Sample 2. Include a flowchart, hand drawn sample screens, and a design analysis for the project. This is a separate memo and signature from the proposal described above. Staple this grade sheet to ALL FIVE sections! All components listed must be completed before the proposal will be graded. Review and check each proposal element to ensure completeness. Neatness counts!

I - Memo: Create a memo requesting your sponsor to review and change the attached Flow Chart and Sample Screens. (See memo only sample.)

II - Flowchart: Show how each screen should link using a flowchart. If your project is not a website, outline tasks to complete project. See Page 127 of the Non-Designer's Web Book. This shows a great example of what it should look like.

III - Print Screen - Paste a small sample of a current professional site whose design you intend to use. (Your hand drawn screen should match the print screen.)

IV - Sample Screens: Draw each screen by hand. (Do not use a computer for this task.) If the same design continues on subsequent pages, you may draw smaller thumbnails. There should be at least two screens on one page. Partial Credit will be given for sloppy work.

V - Application of Design Principles: Typed on a separate piece of paper in detail outline how you used each design principle:

  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Alignment
  • Proximity

3. Code/Dreamweaver

Duration: 5 Hours

Code, code, and more code! Make sure you use the design principles and include an appropriate level of content within your pages. (That means a lot!)

Code/Dreamweaver Grading:
1. Code, Code, Code

 ___ 0 points

 ___ 0 points

4. Review and Rework

Duration: 1 Period

I'll review you project and request changes.

Review and Rework Grading:
1. Did what I asked

 ___ 10 points

 ___ 10 points


5. Project Presentation

Duration: 4 1/2 minutes

Presentation of project to class. Make sure to cover all 4 design principles IN DETAIL!

Presentation Grading:
1. Covered all 4 design principles IN DETAIL.

 ___ 10 points

 ___ 10 points


1. Matches Image Size/s  
2. Matches Tables  
3. Matches Fonts  
4. Matches Font Sizes  
5. Pages Don't Move  
6. HTML Titles  
7. C.R.A.P.  
8. Other  
 ___ 50 points