Griffin | Web Design
Resume Table of Contents  

Web Design

1. Editing Your Portfolio Page
  1. Create an portfolio page similar to the sample. sample portfolio . (Any pictures used must be within your WEB1 folder.)
  2. Type out project descriptions.
  3. Save your default.htm into your My Document folder (i.e. My Documents\default.htm)
  4. Link assignment files. (Highlight text, choose file.)
  5. Preview your work to make sure files link correctly.
2. Transfering/Posting Files

Get the login and password from the teacher.


Go to


  3. Transfer the default.htm and associated files.

Check your site to make sure everything works the way it should, especially pictues and links.)

FHS Student Site

  5. Let me know you are ready to have your files transfered and are ready for grading..
1. All Arial Fonts  
2. HTML Title  
3. Page #'s on descriptions  
4. Working Links  
5. Image Banner  
 ___ 10 points
E. Extra Stuff for the Picture
  1. Flash Movie Tutorial: Tutorial that shows you how to create the movie below.
  2. Other Flash Tutorials