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Web Site Development

So you're thinking of hiring
an FHS Web Student.
(Save yourself over $1,000!)
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G. Michael

Our students can develop excellent sites. They can gain real world experience, earn extra credit, and even get paid!

You'll get a great web site at a great price. We suggest you make a donation of $75 after you get exactly what you want. Comparable web sites would cost between $1,000 - $1,500!

1. Steps 1- 3: Gather your info and get ready.
Duration: 1 hr

Step 1: Send us 3 – 5 favorite web sites with descriptions of why you like them. These can be based on design or navigation. They do not need to be related to your company.

Step 2: Go to and purchase a web address. They are around $12 / year.

Step 3: Create an outline of the information. (e.g. Page 1 – Welcome, Page 2 – About Us, Page 3 – Services). Include any basic info.

2. Step 4: First student prototypes.
Duration: 1 week
  Step 4: We'll create and provide several prototypes for your comments. We will then continue to develop any that you think will work.
3. Steps 5 - 8: Pick one and Finalize
Duration: 1 week

Step 5: Send us remaining content and we'll continue to develop until you are satisfied.

Step 6: Pick you favorite. We'll help you acquire the hosting service. Also available at Usually around $4 - $10 / month.

Step 7: We'll teach you how to transfer your site and go live.

Step 8: The chosen student will submit and invoice and documentation.

I think that’s it. Let me know if you have any questions or how we can help.

State Standards
  • WD 2.1 Content Standard: Students plan a web site.
  • WD 2.1.2 Explain and demonstrate the principles of good web page design
  • WD 2.1.3 Determine the purpose and target audience of the web site (A1.9.6)
  • WD 2.1.4 Evaluate web page design and layout with attention to the effective use of space, balance, symmetry, and color (A1.9.6)
Chapter Objectives
  • Determine customer communication needs. (What do they want on the site?)
  • Determine design needs. (What do they want it to look like?)
  • Using design principles create a web site that fits those needs.
  • Make it as quick and easy as possible for people to receive information.
  • Make adjustments according to the customers needs.