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Web Design 2
  Classroom Expectations Student Sites
  Curriculum – At a Glance
  Open House Presentation skyward
ECA Schedule ISTEP Schedule
Period 2: Classroom Expectations Survey (Please make sure to select the corect period.)
Period 4: Classroom Expectations Survey


 Article Questions Books used in Class

HTML BookHTML, XHTML, and CSS: Comprehensive

Gary B. Shelly,
Thomas J. Cashman,
Denise Woods,
William Dorin

ISBN 10: 0-538-74754-4 © 2010

  How to Write an Outline
  Flash / Jobs
  iTunes / iTunes Questions
  NPR Story
  1 - Essay Review Steps
  2 - 6+1 Sample Essay 1
  3 - 6+1 Sample Essay 2
  4 - Organization Traits

altThe Web Collection, Revealed

James E. Shuman,
Sherry Bishop,
Barbara M. Waxer

ISBN 10: 1-133-81507-3 © 2012


bookThe Non-Designer's Design Book,
Third Edition

Robin Williams

ISBN-10: 0-321-53404-2 © 2008

  5 - Ideas and Content Traits
  6 - Grade, comment, hand back, hand in
  Uber Essay
Is this how you feel? Math Class Video
Nick Burns Computer Guy
All About Me 2
  All About Me Rubric
  5 Pager Webpage
  CH1: Getting Started
  CH2: Working with Objects
  CH3: Importing, Selecting, and Modifying Graphics
  Swapped Heads
Redesigned Project
  Class Portfolio/Index
  HTML Project 6 | Forms
  HTML Project 7 | CSS
  HTML Project 9 | Javascript
  DHTML Menu's
  Other DHTML
  CH1: Getting Started
  CH2: Drawing


CH3: Symbols and Interactivity
  CH4: Animations
  CH5: Special Effects
  CH6: Your Own Stuff  
  Go Daddy  
2 Week Projects (Web and non-web)  
4 Page Project: WOS
(Web Site without sponsor)
Final Project  
Final Essay  
Final Exam Practice (Squinkies Rule!)  
Final Exam 
Wookie Christmas  

Other Macromedia Docs
Fireworks Basics
Tutorial: Creating Page Mock-ups
Tutorial: Handling Photographs
Tutorial: Creating a Page Banner
Tutorial: Creating a Web Page
Firework Curves
Image Feathering
Drop Shadowing
Advanced Vector Shapes