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Web Design 1
  Classroom Expectations Student Sites
  Curriculum – At a Glance
  Open House Presentation skyward
  Period 3: Classroom Expectations Survey  
  Period 4: Classroom Expectations Survey  
  Is this how you feel? Math Class Video  
  Nick Burns Computer Guy Books used in Class

book coverHTML, XHTML, and CSS: Comprehensive, 6th Edition


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    All About Me
    All About Me Example
  1. Real life example 1 - Party Invite
  2. Real life example 2 - Sidewalk Tent Announcement
  How to access your HSE Gmail account
  Article Questions
    How to Write an Outline
  Cog Backpack with pictures / Cog Backpack without pics
  Facebook Grows Up / FGU Questions
  Electronic Relationships / ER Question
  Lauth Article  

The Non-Designer's Web Book

Robin Williams,
John Tollett

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    A Decade Of Web Design In Pictures
    1 - Essay Review Steps
    2 - 6+1 Sample Essay 1
    3 - 6+1 Sample Essay 2
    4 - Organization Traits
    5 - Ideas and Content Traits
    6 - Grade, comment, hand back, hand in




    HTML Chapter 1
    HTML Chapter 2
    HTML Chapter 3
    HTML Chapter 4
    HTML Extra Credit (maybe)
    HTML Project 5  
    HTML Project 6  
    HTML Project 7  
    HTML Project 8  


  Financial Crisis Notes  


  Portfolio Page  
    Putting It all Together  
    Design Analysis  
  5-Pager (Mr. Crull's Web Site)  
  Your Own Project (WOS)  
    CH1: Getting Started  
    CH2: Working with Objects
    CH3: Importing, Selecting, and Modifying Graphics
    Swapped Heads sp
Final Essay  
Final Exam Practice
Final Exam  
Student Sites  
Have yourself a very Wookie Christmas!
Other Macromedia Help
  Fireworks Basics
    Tutorial: Creating Page Mock-ups
    Tutorial: Handling Photographs
    Tutorial: Creating a Page Banner
    Tutorial: Creating a Web Page
    Firework Curves
    Image Feathering
    Drop Shadowing 1
    Advanced Vector Shapes 2