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Business Plan
Market Research/Competition

State Standards
  • E 3.1 Content Standard: Students understand the economic principles and concepts fundamental to business operations.
  • E 3.1.1 Assess the role of competition in marketing

  • E 7.1 Content Standard: Students understand tools, strategies, and systems needed to access, process, maintain, evaluate, and disseminate information to assist business decision-making.
  • E 7.1.1 Assess marketing-information needs
  • E 7.1.4 Identify information monitored for marketing decision making (IM:184) (SP)
  • E 7.1.5 Identify market segments (IM:239) (M/E)
  • E 7.1.6 Select target market (IM:160) (M/E)

  • E 3.1 Content Standard: Students understand tools, techniques, and systems that affect a business’s ability to plan, control, and organize an organization/department.
  • E 15.1.4 Recognize the components of a business plan
  • E 15.1.5 Develop business plan (MN:102) (ON)
Chapter Objectives

Students will:

  • The Value of Market Research
  • Identify Your Competition
  • How to Perform Market Research
1. Competition

Competition Power Point

  • Competition Market Research
  • Understanding the Competition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research Steps
  • Do your own Market Research
  • Do your own Competitive Analysis

SWAT Image

"SWOT en" by Xhienne - SWOT pt.svg. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons.


Competitor Profile - HOMEWORK

  • Using the contest outline create a document that outlines the following information for your business plan.
  • include:
    • Name, Period, Date
    • Business Name, Product or Service

III. Analysis of the Business Situation
     Trading Area Analysis

    1. Completed.

      B. Competitor Analysis
           (3 TOTAL: 1 SWOT, 1 Table w/ 2 Competitors)

Create a document that outlines the following information. (Add to your Trading Area Analysis. Match the formatting - headings/subheadings)


Put the Trading Area Analysis Together

  • Create a completed trading area analysis for the business mentors. (contest guidlines)




  • none

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