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Business Plan
Plan Intro / Company Description

State Standards
  • E 9.1 Content Standard: Students investigate the nature of small business and entrepreneurship.
  • E 9.1.1 Define entrepreneurship
  • E 9.1.2 Explain why individuals become entrepreneurs
  • E 9.1.3 Explore behavioral characteristics and traits of an entrepreneur
  • E 9.1.4 Examine motives for starting your own business
  • E 9.1.5 Assess the advantages of owning a business versus working for someone
  • E 9.1.6 Categorize types of businesses
  • E 9.1.7 Assess and evaluate the various ways to start your own business

  • E 9.2 Content Standard: Students understand the functions involved generating business/product ideas to contribute to business success
  • E 9.2.1 Identify business/product opportunities (PM:134) (SP)
  • E 9.2.2 Identify methods/techniques to generate a product idea (PM:127) (SP)
  • E 9.2.3 Generate business/product ideas (PM:128) (MN)
  • E 9.2.4 Determine initial feasibility of business/product idea (PM:129) (MN)
Chapter Objectives
  • Explain the purpose of writing a good business plan.
  • Describe the importance of a business plan.
  • Study the basic elements of a business plan.
  • Brand a company by developing a logo.

Business Plan Intro


Business Plan Intro Power Point

  • The business plan
  • Purposes of a business plan
  • Importance of a business plan
  • The basic elements of a business plan
  • Researching a business plan
  • The business plan contest
  • Logo / Title Page
  • Introduction / Company Description

Business Plan Contest



  1. Skim the 46 Greatest Logos of All Time for inpiration.
  2. Read the article How to Create a Logo.
  3. Follow the steps provided on the logo handout to create the bp logo logo shown. (5 pts)
  4. Create your own logo to use on cover page.
  5. Create a cover / title page (10 pts)
  6. Note Biz Plan Section in binder
BMW logo jordon logo Disney Logo
MB logo starbucks logo target
McDs Logo mm logo coke logo

Title Page


BUSINESS PLAN - Company Description

II. Introduction

Type of business, product, and/or service proposed along with a brief description. Include the mission statement of the business.




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