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Business Plan
The Pitch /

State Standards
  • E 5.1 Content Standard: Understand the role of finance as it applies to the
  • E 5.1.1 Explain the nature of capital investments (FI:078) (ON)
  • E 5.1.3 Establish investment goals and objectives
  • E 5.1.5 Determine financing needed for business operations (FI:043) (ON)
  • E 5.1.7 Explain sources of financial assistance (FI:031)(ON)
  • E 5.1.11 Implement procedures for managing debt (FI:103) (ON)

  • E 5.2 Content Standard: Students understand tools, strategies, and systems used to maintain, monitor, control, and plan the use of financial resources.
  • E 5.2.2 Determine financing needed to start a business (FI:036) (M/E)
  • E 5.2.7 Interpret financial statements (MN:162) (MN)
  • E 5.2.8 Project cash needed to open business
Chapter Objective
  • Create an elevator pitch that quickly and simply summarizes your product, service, or organization and its value proposition.

  • Real-Life Lessons From Shark Tank
  • The Art of the Elevator Pitch
  • How to Write an Elevator Pitch
  • The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch

The Pitch Article 1 - Competition - HOMEWORK

Pitch Power Point

Real-Life Lessons From Shark Tank

  1. ____________________
  2. ____________________
  3. ____________________
  4. ____________________
  5. ____________________
  6. ____________________
  7. ____________________

The Pitch Article 2 - Competition - HOMEWORK

The Art of the Elevator Pitch -, 6 Questions with example

  1. ____________________
  2. ____________________
  3. ____________________      ____________________
  4. ____________________
  5. ____________________     ____________________      ____________________
  6. ____________________

The Pitch Article 3 - Competition - HOMEWORK

How to Write an Elevator Pitch - Harvard Business Review, Marc Andreessen Example

  • Notice the email uses goo grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, as well as short
    paragraphs and sentences.

The Elevator-Pitch-O-Meter:


The Pitch Article 4 - Competition - HOMEWORK

The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch - Business Week

10 Tip for the Pitch

  1. Know what you're trying to achieve
  2. Know your target
  3. It's not about you
  4. Keep it real
  5. Be specific
  6. Preparation is key
  7. Solve a problem
  8. Let your passion show
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice
  10. Keep it short

Create The Pitch - Competition - HOMEWORK

  1. Review the presentation rubric from the Competition Guidelines
  2. Complete your own plan.
    1. Create an outline of your presentation.
    2. Write the complete introduction.
    3. Presentation should be 4 - 6 minutes.
    4. Question time should be 4 - 5 minutes.
    5. Be prepared to explain income and top expenses in detail.
  3. Create a professional visual aid - points are awarded.
  4. Check the Oral Presentation Evaluation!!!
  5. Grade Yourself!!!

Create The Pitch - Competition

Business Casual

Men Men & Women Women
Do's Don'ts Do's
Conservative collared shirt or polo shirt. Wrinkled or untucked clothing. Tailored shirt, blouse or knit sweater/sets.
Quality solid-tee or turtleneck, in white or black, with a casual sport coat. Tee-shirts with wording. A tailored jacket.
Non-denim tailored slacks such as khakis. Jeans, sweatpants, shorts, baggy pants or exposed undergarments. Non-denim pants or knee-length or longer skirt.
Belt, the same color as shoes. Huge belt buckles. If applicable, wear a belt, the same color as shoes.
Mid-calf socks, the same color of pants. Gym socks. Hosiery should be considered with skirts.
Polished shoes - choose loafer or a rubber soled leather shoe. Worn-out shoes, sandals, flip flops or athletic shoes. Polished shoes - closed toe shoes and low heel.
Neatly groomed hair and facial hair. Avoid the use of cologne/perfume. Neatly groomed hair.
Jewelry: a conservative watch. Visible body piercing(s) or tattoos. Nail polish, makeup, and jewelry should be conservative and not distracting.


FHS Class Presentation


  1. Check the checklist
  2. Notebook due after presentation
  3. Appendix items
    1. At least one important article used for class
    2. List of business equations (ROA, ROI, PM, BE, Markup’s, etc.)
    3. Business Cards
    4. Flyer
    5. Sales Pitch
  4. Check presentation rubric (FHS)
  5. Presentation should be 4 - 6 minutes
  6. Question time should be 4 - 5 minutes
  7. Use a visual Aid
  8. Business casual dress is required



Additional Resources


Other - Business Cards

    1. Open MS Word.
    2. Choose File/New/Business Cards.
    3. Search for the business card template (5871).
    4. Pick a design and build your card. (Avoid black on the edge of the card.)
    5. Print a sample and match edges.
    6. Ask the class not to print.
    7. Insert the business card paper and print on the special paper.